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Mammillaria Compressa

Globular cactus, solitary at first, later forming massive clumps up to 1 metre wide

It is a  rapid growing  species that will form large clumps. Needs lots of space to grow.  Water regularly in summer, but do not overwater. If pot grown make sure pot has good drainage and a very porous potting media.  Keep dry in winter. Feed with a high potassium fertilizer  in Summer. It is quite frost resistant if kept dry, hardy as low as -5° C (some reports give it hardy to -12°C).

Plant outside in full sun or afternoon shade, if planted inside, this cactus needs bright light, and some direct sun.

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Technical notes

Common name Mother of Hundreds
Latin name Mammillaria Compressa
Availability Good
Frost tolerance -5°C
Planting location Partial Shade
Watering Requirements Medium
Growth Rate Fast
Preferred Soil Well Drained
Height when mature 0 Metres

Measurement: Container Diameter
Size Range Price Approximate Quantity Required
18cm 16
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25cm 50
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30cm (Group) 60
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