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Olive Trees Mature

The archetypal tree of the Mediterranean area! Olive trees have flourished in this area for thousands of years. We offer you the opportunity to share a part of European history! Like all of our olive trees, these specimens have been dug from their original plantations and placed in planters. They do not need any further periods of recuperation. This means that they will give pleasure from Day 1. All of our olive trees in this category have architecturally pleasing trunks, full of history and life. We don't mind sendings photographs of every large olive tree that we offer for sale, so you have an opportunity to view and select the specimens that appeal to you. 

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Technical notes

Common name Olive Trees Mature (Single Trunk)
Availability Good
Olive sub-type Mature

Measurement: trunk circumference in CM.
Size Range Price Approximate Quantity Required
80cm ”“ 99cm 560
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100cm ”“ 119cm 660
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120cm ”“ 139cm 800
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140cm ”“ 159cm 920
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160cm ”“ 179cm 1000
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180cm ”“ 199cm 1200
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200cm ”“ 219cm 1400
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220cm ”“ 239cm 1500
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240cm ”“ 259cm 1600
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