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Olive Trees Prime Examples

Have a look at the size of this monster olive tree, which we had for sale at 5,000€ (NOW SOLD).  It's always hard to determine the age of olive trees, as the wood does not develop with the normal date rings of other trees. You can only estimate their age and this one was approximately 500 years old. When you buy a tree like this, you are buying a bit of history and every tree is unique. Olive trees grow particularly well in containers, as long as the soil is well drained. They endure Winter temperatures well below freezing on Northern hillsides and full sun temperatures of 50 degrees in the Summer. More Prime Example Olive Trees are available, so please let us know your requirements.

See Gallery and Contact Form below photos.

Technical notes

Common name Olive Trees Prime Examples
Availability Limited supply
Olive sub-type Mature

Measurement: Trunk circumference, prices from 800€ to 5000€
Size Range Price Approximate Quantity Required
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