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Washingtonia Robusta Baby Palm Trees

An extremely exotic palm for a small financial outlay. These young palms will grace any landscaping scheme and as they are cold hardy, down to -8 degrees C., according to Wikipedia, they are a great, fuss free planting idea. They can be kept in a pot, if preferred, but they do tend to grow quickly and will therefore need re-potting after a season or two. As a young palm, it would be best to cover the heart of the palm with fleece, during the worst of the first 2 or 3 winters, if planted outside.

These WASHINGTONIA ROBUSTA triples will give a great deal of pleasure, if treated with a little care in their early years.

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Technical notes

Common name Washingtonia Robusta Baby
Availability Good
Frost tolerance -8°C
Planting location Full Sun
Watering Requirements Medium
Growth Rate Fast
Preferred Soil Well Drained
Height when mature 10 Metres

Measurement: Container capacity.
Size Range Price Approximate Quantity Required
Baby 12
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