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Washingtonia Robusta Palm Trees - Mexican Fan Palm - MULTI TRUNK

Without doubt, WASHINGTONIA ROBUSTA is our NUMBER ONE, bestselling palm.

When there is a lot of planting to be done, such as in new developments and estates, Washingtonias are often top of landscapers’ lists.


*VERY AFFORDABLE, at only 110 euros per clear metre of trunk.

*EASY TO TRANSPLANT and re-root quickly, if the temperature is warm.

*EASY TO CARE FOR. Once re-established in their new home, they do not need much watering, under normal conditions.

*QUICK GROWING, when planted directly into the ground, rather than in pots.

*HEALTHY. Their dense cores offer good resistance against insect ingress.


PLEASE NOTE that we often buy entire plantations of WASHINGTONIA ROBUSTA and we sometimes have special offers available for large quantities. Why not call Paddy on +34 600 810 844 and discuss your requirements?

For an even more cost effective option, we can supply WASHINGTONIA ROBUSTA in root ball form.

See Gallery and Contact Form below photos.

Technical notes

Common name Mexican Fan Palm (MULTI-TRUNK)
Latin name Washingtonia Robusta
Availability Good
Frost tolerance -8°C
Planting location Full Sun
Watering Requirements Medium
Growth Rate Fast
Preferred Soil Well Drained
Height when mature 30 Metres

Measurement: Trunk height in metres. (PER TRUNK)
1 Metre 110
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2 Metres 220
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3 Metres 330
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4 Metres 440
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5 Metres 550
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6 Metres 660
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7 Metres 770
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