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Xanthorrhoea Glauca Yuccas (Grass Trees)

Xanthorrhoea glauca is also known as the “Blue Grass Tree,” from Australia. This is a spectacular caudiciform plant, whose spent leaf bases create a trunk, similar to that of a cycad. It can reach 6 metres (20 feet) tall and may become branched. Out of the trunk tops emerges a mass of long and thin but firm blue-green grass-like leaves, which extend 1 metre (3 feet), arching over the trunk.

This plant periodically produces honey-scented white or cream flowers, clustered together in a spear-like spike which can rise 2 metres (6 feet) or more from the top of the trunk. The Grass Tree is cold-tolerant to below -6°C, as it is native to an area where severe frosts are common.

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Technical notes

Common name Grass Tree
Latin name Xanthorrhoea Glauca
Availability Good
Frost tolerance -6°C
Planting location Full Sun
Watering Requirements Medium
Growth Rate Slow
Preferred Soil Well Drained
Height when mature 6 Metres

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